Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Challenge

I'm switching from teaching middle school to... drum roll please...

teaching COLLEGE!

This summer I applied to middle and high school teaching jobs.  But, a lot of schools in my area are not hiring teachers with their master's degrees due to their higher pay rate.  And, since I finally have my MA as of Saturday I fall into that weird position of having too much experience and education.  However, for years people have been telling me I'd make a great college teacher so I applied to a few local schools to be an adjunct English professor.  

Wouldn't you know, I was hired!  At first I was offered 2 classes, then 3, and now I'm up to 4 classes!  I'm really excited to try something new.  The four classes are three different courses which is providing me with experience at several levels!  I hope that I get as much joy out of teaching adults as I do kids.  

So, for this year, as I post, (hopefully more than last year) a lot of my information will be aimed towards advanced high school, remedial college, and basic college English courses.  

Wish me luck!  Classes start September 11th!