Friday, January 17, 2014

6 Reasons I love Substitute Teaching

Why Substituting Can Be Awesome!

1.  Mondays Suck!  But guess what, you don't have to work on Monday if you don't want to!  Choose your own schedule!

2.  Oh, that was the class from you know where?  Never sub for them again!

3.  Learn something!

Or, relearn something! (It took me the rest of the day but I figured it out! Algebra II for the win!)
Personal Photo
4.  Networking!  Make new friends!

5.  Students will still give you things!  They often LOVE a new face!

Personal Photo (That's me in the black)
6.  You get to leave right at the end of the day!

What are or were your favorite things about being a sub?!

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  1. 7. No homework! Leave a note about your day, clean up the room and get out of there with plenty of time to prep dinner (or stop and get some takeout because who has energy to cook when you get home from a day of subbing!) and leave the day behind. No prep work, no planning, no grading. just wondering if you'll know the answer to that night's Jeopardy clues and Grey's Anatomy!
    8. You can switch up the age groups- which is especially handy when you're trying to figure out what grade you would love to teach full-time. Tired of tying shoes, try some 5th grade. Want a break from 5th grade curriculum, go hang with some first graders. Want some extra special awesome fun go work with a special education class. :)

  2. You can leave your mistakes behind! When you do something dumb because this is the first time you have dealt with this or that it does not haunt you like trying to fix it as a classroom teacher. You get new kids the next day, or in a few days.

  3. No classroom to decorate!