Monday, January 13, 2014

Engaging Students with Short Videos

While messing around on Pinterest last year I saw several pins for the short animated video "Pigeon: Impossible" with captions stating it was a good video to show students about inferencing.  I decided to make a quick little worksheet to go with it and tried it out with my students.

THEY LOVED IT.  I actually, coincidentally, got observed by a potential new dean at our school that same day and it was as if I had scripted the whole lesson and bribed my class.  They were ALL engaged and he noticed.  He complimented me not only on the engagement level but also the creativity and the rigor as I was requiring the students to use higher level thinking skills.

Due to the success of that lesson I sought out another short video. I found "The Passenger" and created a sheet that focused on mood and plot for that one.  That said, I still ask inferencing and prediction questions for that one as well.

I have both of these lesson plans- that are detailed, and worksheets in my store.  But, a better deal is buying them bundled.  Both take around 15-20 minutes to complete and a great way to either introduce or review the concepts.  They are also a great filler activity for that day when you realize you need to keep their attention just a little longer.

Both videos are available on YouTube.

Edit Again: I've added another one of these activities to go with the digital short "The Smoke Seller."  It is not a part of the bundle.  This one deals with Setting, Characterization, and Morals.  Check it out below:

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  1. Middle and high school kids should love Pigeon Impossible. Lots of room for inferencing there too!