Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finding Success on TPT

I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Teachers Pay Teachers, not only as a seller, but as a buyer as well.  In fact I started just as a buyer.  If you're like me, you've probably created from scratch lessons, worksheets, tests, and or quizzes for your classes.  Why not share your expertise with others?

If you're ready to start your own side business then take a look at these tips.  I'm by no means a top seller (yet) but I've learned a lot and there are a few things that I think I should have done in order to see success faster and to feel less frustrated.

Step 1:  Sign up as seller then READ THE FORUMS!  Don't post anything yet to sell.  This step is crucial because you'll learn so much.  This way you won't fall into the traps lots of first time sellers do!
Here's the link.  Go now, I'll wait.

Step 2: Prepare your products.  Here's a huge tip: Make everything in PowerPoint or in a design software.  This allows you to move things around much more easily than Word.  When they're done, save as a PDF.  Find out how to lock your PDFs.  There are great tutorials out there for Macs and PCs.

Step 3: WAIT to post until you have 5 or more products ready!  I wish I'd done this.  More products means you're more likely to sell.  It also helps your store look more established.  You might want to have a few on deck that you can upload once a week or so- this keeps your store active, and once you have followers they will get an email telling them you have new products so they are more likely to come back!

Step 4: Right away start a Pinterest account (business) and a Facebook page for your store.  If possible also start a blog (maybe start that even earlier) again you're getting your name and your products out there. (But make sure your blog has content that is unrelated to your products as well.  I hope I'm getting better with that.)

Step 5:  Learn the importance of hyperlinks and how to include them in your product descriptions.

General tips:

  • Create nice covers for your products.  
  • Free product (you must have one) should be high quality but just a sample of a larger product.  Maybe 1-2 pages of a multi-page unit.
  • Upgrade to Premium as soon as you sell 1-3 products.  You will make so much more money!  I waited till I'd made $60 but I'd have made that much way faster if I'd already upgraded.
  • Pin your products- but don't be obnoxious about it.
  • DO NOT GIVE UP.  It took me a LONG time to be successful but then again, I didn't know these tips!  You will get what you give out of this.  
  • There is a lot more to learn so again, GO TO THE FORUMS.
Have you signed up yet?  SIGN UP HERE!

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