Sunday, March 23, 2014

Going Digital

One of my classes that just started up is a blended course.  50% of the instruction is online and 50% is in person.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to set this up but so far I've...

Put most lecture materials/readings online with quizzes and summarization assignments.
Required students to set up Google Drive.

I'm the most excited about the Google Drive aspect!  In my standard face to face classes we do a lot of peer editing and revising so Google is solving that problem for me.  Each student has to create two folders.  1.  A turn in folder shared with me for their final products and 2. a drafts folder shared with 3 other students and me that is for their work in progress.

What will be awesome to see is the process they use to write.  Google tracks all revisions and allows others to comment on the work.  I think this will prove very useful to them.

Hopefully it all goes smoothly!

Have you used Google Drive in the classroom?

Thanks for stopping by!

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