Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rubrics- What is best?

I'm having an internal debate about rubrics.  On one hand I love them.  I find the process of assessing writing difficult.  I find that it can be easy to be subjective when grading and I want to make sure I'm being fair.  I have a few types of rubrics I use but for all of them I try to be very specific about what a student needs to do.

Recently however, I was attending some professional development meetings and one of my colleagues was stating that she feels rubrics cause students to play a numbers game to figure out what they can get away with to get a passing grade instead of always aiming for an A.  She also said that she thinks some students think that writing is just a formula when writing from a rubric.  I think both of these are quite plausible.

So where's the middle ground?  I'm thinking that I might try a more general rubric.  There will be a list of requirements that match the objectives for the course, and then I will make sure to leave very specific feedback that explains exactly why I am giving a certain grade.  Perhaps this is what I will do for the summer courses I'm teaching and see if I notice any major differences in the students' work and their satisfaction with the course.

Rubrics- where do you stand on the issue?  How do you set up your rubrics?

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