Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let's Have a Feast

I know we're gearing down for the summer, but if you're like me you're still looking ahead for the fall.  Here's an idea that could really take off especially with a little summer prep work.  Host a feast! I wrote about this for the collaborative blog Cross Curricular Corner awhile back.  Check out a preview of the post here:

I love doing projects with students. I think that project based learning is the best type of learning. A few years back I had the opportunity to work with a group of seniors in high school and I really wanted them to conduct research. I knew however, that in order to get them to buy in and do their best, I would have to do something new and different.
At the time they were studying the Medieval time period of British Literature. I had each class for an hour and a half and decided to go big or go home. So, I created a Medieval Feast whole class project. I had students divide up into groups or pairs for categories such as food, music, knights, king/queen, and fashion. They then had to conduct research on their topic and prepare something to share with the class on feast day. Each student independently was required to write up a page report on what they learned, and then as a group they could work on the feast presentation.

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