Thursday, January 15, 2015

Student Writing Problems: Integrating Quotes

One of my biggest challenges with my students is getting them to incorporate quotes and paraphrases into their writing appropriately.  As I continue to evolve my teaching strategies in my first year writing courses I've found a few useful resources and created a few that help me tackle this issue.

First, I found this awesome chapter that is part of an open source textbook that is available for FREE to anyone on the internet!  Entitled "Annoying Ways People Use Sources" this chapter is funny, and on point with its instruction.  It explains multiple problems and offers examples and solutions.  Many of my students after reading this article have been able to identify which ways they misuse source material.   Click HERE for the free download.

In order for students to fully master how to cite their sources as well I point them towards the infamous Purdue OWL website.  I love how easy the site is to navigate and how there is no extraneous information.  This page, on how to cite quotations not only handles the formatting, but has examples that show strong introductions of quotes too!  Click HERE to check out Purdue OWL.

I, like many teachers, use the acronym ICE when teaching quote integration.  Students must learn to introduce, cite, and then explain the quotes and paraphrases that they use in their writing.  I have come up with a few resources of my own that help remind students of these skills.  First, I have a handout with suggested verbiage to help students get started.  This one is FREE and comes with other handouts to help with students writing research papers!  Click on the image to download on Teachers Pay Teachers!

The second one is a paid resource that is a graphic organizer that helps students use ICE throughout their body paragraphs.  It helps students understand that every piece of supporting evidence must be introduced, cited, and explained.  Included in the product are revising and editing sheets as well! Click on the image to purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions We Wish Our Students Would Make

Inspired by Pensive Sloth's Top Ten Teacher Resolutions which is fantastic, (Go check it out, I'll wait)   I started thinking about the resolutions I hope/pray/wish my students are going to make this next semester.  Here's what I've come up with:

Keep in mind, I teach college so my peeves are likely different than yours.  If I was still teaching middle school one of these would definitely say, "I will not ask to go to the bathroom 5 minutes after returning from lunch." 

What resolutions do you wish your students would make?