Friday, February 20, 2015

In it for the Money

As teachers we are definitely in it for the money right?  I laugh out loud every time I hear someone say that teachers get paid well.  I will say that after 20+ years I think teachers, at least in my area, can do quite well- but up until then I think we are grossly underpaid compared to our counterparts.

There is a site for my state that shows what every one made in a given year and how that divides out compared to days worked.  My first year I was working with a BA +15 and zero years experience.  My salary was 38k.  The site said I had worked 190 days or so.  It said that in a more standard work environment people work 260 days a year and at my rate that would have equalled 52k.  I had friends with less education but different fields of employment that made 50-55k their first year. So the reality is, we get paid only for the months we are working and that's it.  Then, on top of that, we spend way more for our jobs than the average employee.

Due to this I'm always looking for ways to save and or make money, which is why I started at Teachers Pay Teachers.  But before that I discovered a few ways to help even more, and let me tell you, every little bit helps.

1.  If you haven't checked out Ebates and you do any shopping online I recommend it!  All the major retailers are on this site and you get a certain portion of your purchase back in cash back.  I don't shop online very much, but when I do I try to remember to go to Ebates first and then click through to my store.  It's hooked up with TurboTax which is perfect right now during tax season.  Since joining in 2010 I've gotten more than a hundred dollars back!  Click here to join Ebates!

2.  My newest favorite is an app on my phone, Ibotta.  With Ibotta you can see a list of rebates from .25 to a few dollars for various products. Some are brand specific and some are more generic like "a loaf of bread."  You either watch a video, read a fact, answer a question, or read a recipe to unlock the rebate.  Then, once you've bought the item you scan its barcode and take a picture of the receipt to get the rebate.  The money then transfers easily to Paypal.  I've had this app for around a year and have gotten $34.25 back!  Click here to sign up for Ibotta.

3.  Similar to Ibotta but with a healthy twist is Berrycart. This app is ideal for people who purchase a lot of vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free food.  Though it also includes shopping at Amazon, and produce like organic Avocados.  Click here to sign up for Berrycart!

4.  Sell your stuff!  I take doubles of books or books I really don't want to Half Price Books and sell them back.  You don't get much but it also helps declutter.  Clothes that are nice and I think people will really want to buy I try to sell to resale shops like Clothes Mentor.  (If they don't buy them I donate.)

5.  Coupons!  I don't obsess over coupons, but the nice thing is that they can stack with Ibotta or Berry Cart.  My grocery store, Giant Eagle, has e-coupons that you can load directly on your card.  These stack with paper coupons and any of the rebates from the apps.

What are your methods for saving money?

Thanks for reading!

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