Sunday, March 22, 2015

5 YouTube Videos to Use in your Secondary English Classroom

I've discussed on the blog before how I like to incorporate youtube videos to keep my students engaged, to mix up my class, and to give myself a mini break every once in awhile.  Here are 5 that I think are stellar and can be used in almost any high school or college classroom.  Some may be appropriate for middle school but I do advise you to, as is good practice, screen each video in its entirety before showing it!

1.  History of the English Language

I've used this video at many times during a semester but it's probably best being used early on.  This was made for adults so there are clinical terms for genitalia included within it.  Pre-screen for your classes.

2.  Crash Course: How and Why We Read

This video is great for the first week or so of an English class!  And, it's John Green!  Kids love him!

3.  WordCrimes

I use this video right before the first time we peer edit/revise papers.  I ask students to write down a few things that they think they often mess up on!

4. Strongbad Emails #64: English Paper

Homestar runner is an oldie but a goodie.  This is a great video to show when assigning the first essay of a class.  Some students find it more amusing than others- but I love it.

5. Write your story, change history - Brad Meltzer (Ted-ed talk)

This video comes with an attached lesson.  It's a great motivational piece that could be used prior to a memoir or personal narrative unit or just when a class seems in need of a pick me up!

What are your favorite videos to use?

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  1. "Heart" animation is an awesome example of how theme can have multiple meanings in one piece, it also has lots of symbolism and even some excellent archetypes. High school level