Sunday, March 15, 2015

Substitute Teaching Tips and Tricks: Part 2

I've been getting lots of attention on my first post about Tips and Tricks for Substitute Teachers.  As I've continued to sub I've thought of a few more things to add to the list.  Did you miss part 1?  Check it out here.

1. Leave detailed feedback.
-If a class was really truly perfect then maybe one sentence is fine, but try to note what was going on in the class.  Were there a lot of phones out?  Even if you didn't care it might be good to note because it could be a major rule in that classroom and the teacher may need a reminder to tell subs in the future to not allow it.  Did everyone finish early?  Did no one finish?  Let teachers evaluate the amount of work they leave for their students.

2. Create a business card.
-You can put your name, phone number, and email address on it as well as the days/times you're available to sub.  I encourage teachers to text me ahead of time to see if I'm free and then the secretary is able to put me in specifically for a job.  (Make sure that works with how your sub system is set up.)  I like doing this because I really dislike the 6am phone call.  In fact, because subbing isn't my only source of income I only take pre-planned days.  I need to know before 10pm the night before.

3. Get seen.
-Introduce yourself to the administration.  If you think you want a job in the district then start getting some face and name recognition.  Ask them a question, pay them a compliment, or just say hi.

4. Mingle.
-I've heard mixed comments about going into staff rooms as a new teacher.  However, I think you should.  Make some friends with other staff members during your lunch break.  Find out about the school.  Hand out your business cards and remind them you can sub!  I think this is great marketing for yourself.

5. Be proactive.
-If you see something that needs to be done, do it.  Volunteer for any extra tasks.  Your work ethic will be noticed.  If a teacher didn't specifically ask you to grade something consider if you can.  I usually only do this for multiple choice (i.e. a clear right or wrong answer) and if the answer key was left.  I only mark the ones they got right but don't put any points etc down if I don't know the grading scale.  We all know how busy teachers are, it's nice to help out.

6. Dress to impress.
-Until you're established in a school and know that every Friday is a jeans day plan on over-dressing.  Skip the khakis wear slacks.  Women, be conservative in your dress.  Button downs, blouses, blazers etc.  I think it help sets the tone for students that you are in charge and it shows the staff that you take your job seriously.

I hope this continues to help you have a great experience subbing and helps you get a full time job!

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