Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Cross-Curricular Approach to Poetry Month

Poetry Month is half over!  Here are a 7 great blog posts about teaching poetry!

Check them out:

1.  Kovescence of the Mind:  You Oughta Know April is about collaborative annotation.   I love what she writes about here.  This might make a presence in my college courses soon!

2.  The Language Arts Classroom: April is National Poetry Month gives great tips about how to approach poetry if you aren't it's biggest fan.  Lauralee even says, "I'm an English teacher, and I don't like poetry!"

3.  Secondary Sara:  Do Not Go Gently, Teach Poetry! provides 5 ways to incorporate poetry!  Sara's post encourages you to not "give up" on poetry!  

4.  Facing History & Ourselves: Getting Poetic in Social Studies has a great post about tying poems into your social studies lessons.  

5.  The ELA Buffet: An Open Letter to Longfellow is a very cute post about teaching a historical poem!  It's another great poem for a social studies class!  

6.  Everything Ed: Poetry Month What do you do?  is a link up to several poetry resources.

7. Ms. F's Teaching Adventures: Look a Little Closer:Teaching Students to Do a Close Reading is my post from awhile back where I look at how I help my students learn to examine poetry line by line!

Edited to add:

8.  Stacey Lloyd Teaching: 5 Reasons I love Teaching Figurative Language gives you "five reasons why teaching figurative language and poetry is not only educational, but is just so much fun!" since poetry and figurative language often go together!

9.  Julie Faulkner's Fast 5: True Blue American: September 11 Poetry Lesson is an awesome cross curricular activity!  Julie explains that, "Everything we do and say affects another person and makes this world we live in what it is – for better or worse. In this lesson, poetry sparks discussions and reflection analysis of what it means to be a “true-blue American.” #merica"

Hope you enjoyed this list of great posts about poetry! 

Thanks for reading! 
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