Friday, April 24, 2015

Bye April!

Well, it's the last Friday in April and April is my favorite month of the year.  So, I'm linking up with Julie Faulkner's Fast Five again!  (Click the picture to see more bloggers who are participating!)

First, it's my birthday month.  I'm celebrating the tenth anniversary of a milestone birthday on the 29th!  Teaching, I think, has a way of making me feel older than I am.  The students just don't get a lot of my references!

Second, it's poetry month.  As an English teacher I totally geek out over the fact that there's an entire month devoted to a form of literature!  #love

Third, it's Shakespeare's birthday! Yesterday was anyways and well again- I'm an English teacher nerd!

Fourth, here in Ohio it finally starts to feel like spring.  This typically occurs late in the month but it's glorious.  You hear the birds, see crocus' and daffodils bloom, and the green that had disappeared all winter shows back up.

Fifth, it signals the end of the college school year.  I have finals the first and second week of May and then I'm mostly free for the summer!  I am so ready for a mini break and to rework some parts of my classroom.

How was your month?  Is April your favorite too?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Good luck on your finals! Yeah for a mostly free summer:)

  2. Totally my favourite month, too. It seems you and I share a birthday! 😃 Happy birthday for the 29th. 🎂

  3. I definitely miss when I taught college level because of that early summer break! So jealous! Thanks for linking up!