Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Getting our students or children to read is often challenging in this multi-media world.  Yet, I’ve found, that even my reluctant readers are interested in a good story.  The thing is- they’re lazy.  Not all of them, but many of them, and the idea of having to sift through books to find one that interests them doesn’t sound like fun.  Or, they don’t find what they want in the first 3-5 books and they give up.  Many of us have AWESOME classroom or school libraries.  We’ve taken time to collect books, buy books, and organize our books only to have our shelves sit there unused.  This is a waste!  Books are not for decoration, they are to be read!  Read More....

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  1. I struggle to get my students interested in the hundreds of books lining the shelves in my classroom. Book Talks are such a great idea. I always feel so rushed at the end of the day, but I definitely have to find time to squeeze it in. I think having a short Book Talk once a week will be manageable. Thanks for sharing!