Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Get Em Moving: Using Task Cards in College The Raven Edition

I'm linking up with The Literary Maven this week to discuss hands on learning!

I had to teach on Halloween this year.  I realized that college students don't often get to celebrate holidays in class so I figured I'd bring a little of the holiday to them via Poe's "The Raven."

This was a one day departure from our regularly scheduled lessons so I wanted a poem most of them had already read.  I showed them the Simpson's clip from TeacherTube to refresh their memories and provided them each with a copy of the poem.

I then told them we were going to be answering questions about the poem using task cards.  I gave each student 1-2 task cards.  I told them as they finished they needed to pass the cards on and find new ones.  They were to complete as close to the 25 questions as possible by writing the answers on a separate piece of paper.  Some of the cards required them to use their phones.  Some were opinion questions, and some were straight up analysis/identification questions.

I wasn't sure how into it they'd get but they totally got into it.  I had students going from table to table and I myself was running cards all over.  It was definitely organized chaos.  At the end I asked for thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs to the side about the activity and they said thumbs up.  They liked that it was different than completing questions on one sheet even if the questions were the same as they would have been.  They said it was more exciting!

I then gave them candy.  It was Halloween after all.

**I love using "The Raven" at Halloween time, but it's great year round.  There are so many examples of poetic devices in it!  Very fun!**

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