Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Shakespeare

In honor of Shakespeare's upcoming birthday here's a glimpse at a post I wrote last year for a collaborative blog I work on.

April 23rd is the generally accepted date of birth (and coincidentally, death) of Shakespeare!  This is based off of his baptism date.
Whenever I have taught Shakespeare my students have been intimidated, so why not make it fun and throw a party in his honor?
There ain’t no party like a Shakespeare party ‘cause a Shakespeare party don’t stop.shakesbday
Here are some ideas:
Decorations:Hang posters of Shakespeare’s plays.  Print up famous quotes and hang them as well!  Make the front of the classroom look like a stage with fancy curtains!  The ideas are endless!
Music:Check out this list of 11 Songs inspired by or referencing Shakespeare on Mental Floss!
Here’s another list with even more from SongFact!
Want to see the rest of this post?  Check out the Cross Curricular Corner!

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