Saturday, April 11, 2015

So Much to Teach So Little Time

My semesters end in 4 and 5 weeks respectively.  I have SO much left to do!  I'm sure this is true for many high school and middle school teachers as well.  I have to cover my standards, we all do.  But, I don't want to overwhelm my students.  So, what am I doing?

I'm flipping my classroom a bit more.  I am putting a lot of my typically in class lectures/lessons online.  I may even put a few of my quizzes on line.  I'm giving more time in class for practice so I can help them.  Even though we still have another 5 page paper and a writing portfolio to complete I think if I help them in class each step of the way they will feel less pressure.

I cut an extra reading.  Sometimes I have a habit of hitting the same standards over and over.  It's not inherently a bad thing- but I have to ask myself, as the semester wears down.  Can they master this standard with 3 chapters of readings instead of 4?  Do they really need to do another handout or will the final paper be enough to show they know the skill?

Rethinking how and what we're assessing I think is key.  Do our students need 10 questions to show mastery? Will 5 do it?  Can several standards be covered by one assignment instead of 2?  The nice thing is this also cuts down on my grading.

I also have to really consider whether a standard has been covered already or not.  A lot of times we cover standards without even realizing it!  Think back through your lessons and really consider which standards haven't been touched at all and focus on those!

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  1. Love the idea of using technology to help meet your teaching goals! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That reevaluation - quite necessary!

  3. I'm hoping to try some more flipped lessons in my classroom too. It's an idea that makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Brain Waves- I'm lucky to have access to a great LMS and in class technology.
    @Lauralee- This year I'm trying to reevaluate more than ever before.
    @Jackie- This summer I'm trying to create a stock pile of taped lectures to use next year. We'll see how that goes!

  5. Thanks, Ms. Fuller, for the ideas. I teach history, so it lends itself nicely to flipping. This was a very good reminder of the benefits of re-evaluating--for us and the students.

  6. Have you seen success with the flipped method? I taught in a one to one district and they wanted it 100% flipped, but we had so many students that were resistant to doing assignments in class, much less on their own after school. I'd love to hear that it can work somewhere!

    1. It certainly doesn't solve all the problems but my students do enjoy a little less writing and such for homework. I like being able to guide them as they are writing so I know they are not getting off track.

  7. I've tried flipped classroom videos this semester, too. It took a while for students to realize their value, but I think for the way I use them (I wrote on my post about it) they are worth it!