Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Summer Bucket List 2015

I am already on summer break technically and I'm already getting bored.  Until the local schools get out for summer I'll be subbing as much as possible to try and earn a little extra cash.  I am also scheduled to teach a few classes but there is a strong chance that they won't hit their enrollment or that full time faculty will be given them so I need any chance at income I can have.  Money will be tight this summer so I'm creating a mostly FREE or at least cheap summer bucket list.

I'm from the Cleveland area so while some of these are specific to my area I'm sure many other metropolitan areas have similar events going on.

1.  Edgewater Live!  Our public parks system started putting on these great outdoor concert/gatherings on Thursday nights all summer.  They have food trucks, activities for families, and great live music all on the shores of Lake Erie.  I plan on hitting up a few of these!

2.  Shakespeare in the Park! I love this.  Every summer the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival puts on two different plays every weekend in parks around the city!  This year it is Timon of Athens and Merchant of Venice. It comes right to my local park so I can't wait!  I'll try to see both shows.

3.  The Beach!  For those of you who don't know... Lake Erie, and the great lakes in general are huge.  They are like looking at the ocean- you can't see across.  (Some of my friends from elsewhere in the country were surprised by that)  Therefore they have beaches.  With less undertow and no sharks!  I want to lay out and get some sun a few times this year.

4.  Tremont Art Walk!  I've meant to go to this for years and never have.  Held the 2nd Friday of every month the Tremont Art Walk is held in a trendy neighborhood in Cleveland and involves tons of art galleries being open and just a festive atmosphere.

5.  The Cleveland Zoo!  My parents have a membership or I can go on Mondays when all residents of the county can go for free!  I haven't been in such a long time but it really is a great gem.

6.  Hiking!  I'm going on a nature lover family vacay to North Carolina (ok yes that costs money) but I'll hike a lot there and hope to do some around here at home too!

7.  Swimming!  My parents belong to a yacht club so hopefully they'll let me tag along to their pool a few times.

9.  Backyard fires!  Unfortunately my townhouse doesn't have a backyard but lots of my friends do.  Here's hoping for lots of s'mores (I like my marshmallows crispy- how about you) and fun with friends.

10. Festivals!  Cleveland has so many festivals I can't even hope to list them all here.  But I'm going to try to hit up several for free entertainment and cheap street food!

What are you doing this summer to keep busy?

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a great list! I definitely want to go to a few beaches this summer and eat tons of s'mores! :)

    1. I think I get to have s'mores tomorrow and I can not wait.

  2. I need to make my list! I would love the Shakespeare festival :)

    1. It's really a neat thing that allows anyone in the area to see free theater.