Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Teacher Organization: The Binder Method

I think I've written about the fact that I struggle with organization before.  Obviously I have tons of things on my computer, but I'm a visual person and I personally find it easier to keep paper copies of handouts, worksheets, rubrics etc.

I like to divide up my lessons thematically or by specific texts.  I then keep master copies of all activities in clear page protectors in binders.  This makes it a lot faster for me to make copies.  I can pull out a sheet and stick a post it on it with the number of copies needed.  It also helps me compare different activities side by side without having to print copies I don't need.

I've started creating binder covers for my binders.  Here's the set I have so far.  A photo will be forthcoming!

I'm looking for more topics to create covers to so please feel free to suggest some!

Thanks for reading!

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