Saturday, May 2, 2015

Teaching Writing: Thesis Statement Thoughts

Do your students struggle with writing thesis statements?  Mine definitely do.  I find it challenging to help them see that they can come up with several different ones and use them to guide their writing. They don't realize they can edit them later if their paper took a different turn.  Or, for some students- they just can't get past writing a statement of fact for a thesis statement.

To solve this problem I created this presentation to teach my students about the types of thesis statements that can be used for different types of writing.

I also recently found the idea of a "Thesis StatementThrowdown" which I'd like to try in the future. Check out Caitlyn Tucker's blog post about it here!

Another interesting site that I came across but have not gotten to experiment with too much yet is this Thesis Generator.  I think I'll have my summer class play with it to see if it helps!

Lastly, for a cross-curricular approach this three part lesson from Teaching History helps students learn to write thesis statements in response to DBQs (Document Based Questions).

How do you teach your students about thesis statements?

Thanks for reading! 

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