Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Summer Reading List

Julie Faulkner strikes again!  She had the brilliant idea of doing a link up of summer reading!  I love reading and I love that I have a little more downtime in the summer to do some reading for fun.  Hmmm, how many books can I read this summer?  I'm going to list 10 that I'd like to get through.

1. My Best Everything- by Sarah Tomp I am currently reading this YA novel about a smart girl who finds herself needing to get in the moonshine business to pay for college.  So far I like it so I plan on finishing it soon.

2. 5 to 1- by Holly Bodger  The cover art on this book is gorgeous.  I love books with differing POVs and writing techniques.  This has both as it has two POVs and part is in prose and part is in verse.  I can't wait to check out this YA novel.
3.  The Postmortal This book is the book chosen for a common read program that my college is instituting in the fall.  I've signed on to use it in my classes so I need to read it and start planning some awesome lessons to accompany it!

4. Wild- by Cheryl Strayed  This is one I was lent awhile ago but never read.  Now's the time to read it right?  I had a friend attempt the PCT so I know a little about it and can't wait to read it.  One of my students used it as her mentor text during our memoir unit and she seemed to really enjoy it.

5. Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption- by Laura Hillenbrand This book, along with the first two listed I received for free at the NCTE conference I attended this fall.  Like Wild it has now been made into a movie but I want to read the book.  I don't read enough non fiction.

6. Dark Places- by Gillian Flynn  I really enjoyed Gone Girl, well until the end (What was up with that?) and so I am interested in reading this second novel of Flynn's.  I watch a lot of crime shows on TV so I think this is the book equivalent.

7.  Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls- by David Sedaris I've read several of his essays and thoroughly enjoyed them but I've never gotten one of his books.  I would like to get ideas for more readings for my students by doing so.

8. Fahrenheit 451: A Novel- by Ray Bradbury  I have a confession to make.  I've never read this book.  Somehow none of my teachers in high school, college, or graduate school required us to read it.  I feel this is ridiculous so this will be a classic novel I conquer this year.

9. The Bluest Eye- by Toni Morrison I can't remember if I've read this one or not but it's set outside of Cleveland and I love me some Morrison so I will try to read it either for the first time or the second.

10. And last, but not least, the novel we've all been talking about for months: Go Set a Watchman: A Novel- by Harper Lee  I mean do I even need to say anything else?

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Oh- and after I read the YA books I'll be reviewing them on my sister blog YA Lit The Good The Bad The Ugly where I review YA books from a teacher's perspective.  (I'll admit I haven't updated in awhile)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm really enjoying reading about the books everyone's reading this summer! The Post Mortal sounds like a cool book!

  2. Love teaching Morrison's Song of Solomon with my AP Literature students, and I'm sure The Bluest Eye will also be an impressive book to read!

  3. I loved all of the Gillian Flynn books. How does she come up with this stuff? You'll love that one. I can't believe I didn't think about her for my list!