Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Sale Time!

I know many many schools went back this week and even more will be back next week.  If you're anything like me these first few weeks are hectic and you're realizing you still need SO MUCH STUFF.  Well, have no fear... the TPT one day BOOST sale is here!

Just in case you missed the big sale a couple of weeks ago here's another chance to grab Teachers Pay Teachers resources for up to 28% off!  Most stores, mine included, are marked down 20% and if you use the code: MORE15 at checkout for another 10% off!  This makes some of my bundles a 40% + savings from their individual prices!

Here's a pro tip:  If you've bought from TPT before, including the last sale, and you haven't gone and given feedback yet go and do it!  You earn credits for doing so and you can use them, if you have 20 or more, on your next purchase!  They really add up.

Thanks for reading! 

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