Thursday, November 26, 2015

English Teacher Gift Giving Guide

Buying meaningful and unique gifts for people is something I love to do. I know I appreciate a gift that was specifically chosen for me so much more than something more generic.

Do you want to give an English teacher or book lover a gift this year? Maybe a colleague? A family member? Look no further. Here are some great ideas for the bibliophiles in your life.
(Links updated 10/7/18)

1. A matted poster that is created entirely from the text of a beloved novel.  This one is The Great Gatsby.  At $19.00 for a matted 12x16 copy I think this is a great deal.

2.  From the same store as above, these literary temporary tattoos are too cool.  I love how this one from Moby Dick isn't really outlined. It looks more real I think. I have no real tattoos, but I'd rock one of these for fun! At $10 for six tattoos these are a great stocking stuffer!

(Check out the rest of their website for lots of cool gift ideas.)
3. This banned book mug from Amazon is adorable. At around $16 it's well worth the price. (Affiliate Link)
4.  Here's another great stocking stuffer.  Grab this travel candle for $8.00! This one is John Steinbeck themed! (Affiliate Link)

5.  This personalized embosser can help a teacher keep track of his/her books. It's a little pricer at $19 but it'll last forever! (Affiliate Link to similar one on Amazon)

6. This READ Marquee Sign would liven up any classroom or library! It's a big purchase, so maybe this would be a great class gift or would be for someone extra special in your life.  Buy individual letters to spell anything you want via Dot&Bo! 

7.  This bookshelf becomes invisible once you put a book on it! What a great way for the reader in your life to display their most beautiful books! at $8 each I feel this is a reasonably priced gift for just about anyone! (Affiliate Link)

Alright English teachers... what's on your wishlist?

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. These are fabulous - I would like any of these!

    I saw a scarf (Etsy maybe?) with an entire book printed on the scarf. You could pick what novel (I think it needed to be older - copyright) you wanted on it. I would love that scarf!