Friday, February 5, 2016

Tracking Data: Student Retention

During Fall semester I tracked my students to see how I did with retaining students, having good pass rates, and to see if my students who took a refresher course to make it into college English ended up being successful in the college English class.

I finally got around to running some data. Overall in my College Comp one classes I had about a 60% pass rate with the 40% non passing being mainly comprised of students who "ghosted" and disappeared.

With my refresher course which runs for 2 weeks and allows the instructor to read a portfolio to determine placement 13 out of the 16 students who moved on into the College Comp course passed with a "C" or "B."  There were no "As" or "Ds."

I'm pretty pleased with these results. I want a better retention rate so I'll continue to work on that but it seems that students who stick with it are doing well and I'm doing a decent job of figuring out which students can handle the rigor of College Comp!

Stay tuned for more data in May or June!

Thanks for reading! 

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