Monday, May 30, 2016

Game Time: Gamification in the English Classroom- Step 1 Research

I don't think I even remember where I got the idea or first heard of game-theory, gamifying, and gamification with regards to the English classroom. But the seed got planted in the fall and I've slowly been working towards fully gamifying a course or two.

Like any good educator I started by doing research.  Here are the sources I've used so far to help influence my ideas:

1. Gamify Your Class Level I- XP Points - this whole blog is great! Chris has a four post series that will really get you started if you want to hit the ground running. You can even buy his set up on TPT which I did and used in semi-successful trial run this spring. I will likely use it again in the fall.

2. Turning Your Class into a Game Part 1: The Experience - This is another awesome resource. I especially liked that this was a college professor as that is the grade level I'm currently teaching. She has a plethora of information and I'd really like to pick her brain and learn a bit more about the logistics of her set up.

3. Dr. Harrold's Site My big take away from this site is the QUEST set up. I used it in an online course this summer and introduced my instructional designer to it and we used it in an online professional development course as well. I do intend on using this in the fall whether in a fully gamified course or not.

4. Level Up with Gamification is an article written by a high school social studies teacher. In it he outlines a lot of ways he made gamification work in his class. There are great- practical ideas here!

5. Class Craft is a site that helps you easily manage gamified elements. I plan on testing this out this summer. I like how customizable the points are but dislike that I can't customize the theme. We'll see how my students respond to it. (Use this link to create a course and you'll get two free premium months which gives additional tools to you!)

I'm still looking for more and more ideas so I can fine tune what I want to do. Stay tuned for more posts about what I've tried, what aspects of gamification I think are most promising, and any stumbles I've had along the way.

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