Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summa, Summa, Summertime!

 It is officially summer here in Cleveland! School is out for many of us but not all. In fact, my two week summer class started yesterday!

This summer I have a lot that I plan on doing...

1. I want to gamify a class (see my last post about the research I've been doing)
2. I plan on creating several interactive modules for my courses using Storyline
3. I need to create a museum like exhibit about the history of public shaming
4. I would love to have my entire British Lit course planned out before Fall

I'm also traveling so follow my twitter @yagoodbadugly and my instagram @ms_fs_teaching_adventures to see my experiences in Santa Fe, New Mexico and all around Ohio!

Check out my June/July Pinterest board below. Lots of great ideas for the end of the year (if you're still in school) or for summer!

Thanks for reading!

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