Saturday, September 3, 2016

The First Day Of School

In two weeks it is my first full week of classes for this year. (I've been teaching one class for the past week)

For the past couple of weeks, and definitely today, I've been preparing for day one. I find that being prepared lowers my anxiety and helps me have a smoother transition back into work.

1. I set up my office. I decided, when I found out I was getting a new office mate, to take the opportunity to clean out my office and rearrange it. This could be where you set up your classroom. Alas, at the college level I'm a traveling teacher so I can't really make any classroom "mine."

I was at Marshall's and saw this adorable mint colored file cabinet and I had to have it! At under $100 it was way cheaper than anything I found on. I also, by chance, found the mint and gold desk lamp. In the wall art section I found the cute sign that says "she believed she could so she did" and it fit right in with the color scheme so I had to pick it up! Then, at Target I found mint colored wire baskets, that I put on my bookshelf, the teal and cork pin boards that are on my wall, the dark teal storage ottomans, and the adorable mint, teal, and gold lumbar pillow that tie the colors together. I already had the gold stapler because gold is my favorite!
For good measure- here are my before pics: I flipped the room.

2. I planned my outfits. A conversation with our campus president and previous conversations with my work bestie have led me to try to put my pants/skirts on hangers with the shirts/tops that they'll be worn with. I might even start adding necklaces and bracelets. I'm hoping this will save me time in the morning. When I change in the evening I'll re-pair items up so that I'm not repeating the same exact outfit too often!

3. I went grocery shopping. I picked up snacks to keep in my office- fruit roll ups, granola bars, K-cups etc. I also grabbed things that I can use to pack my lunch- sandwich fixings, salads, individual packs of guacamole and olives etc.

4. I will have printed out my syllabi, updated my blackboard sites, written out my lessons plans, and emailed my classes.

5. I got my hair cut and my nails done. I don't know about you- but looking my best helps me feel in control for the first few days. It won't last forever but it certainly makes me feel like students take me more seriously.

6. I'm going to take Benadryl... I never sleep well the night before classes start. Even though this is my tenth year of being in Education I still get the jitters. Taking a Benadryl 10 hours before I have to get up just helps me actually fall asleep so I can do my best the next day.

What are your rituals? How do you get ready to start the school year?

Thanks for reading!