Sunday, June 4, 2017

Book Reviews

In another life I blogged about YA Lit. It was a passion of mine. I still love me some YA lit but I haven't been good about blogging about it. I've decided to share some of my previous reviews here for you all because I do think they're worthwhile for you.

So I'm going to start with: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein because it was a more recent book and I think it has an insane amount of potential for the classroom.

It was a book that captivated me and I think has great crossover appeal to adults. I wouldn't hesitate to use it in my college classroom were I presented with the opportunity to do so. I also like how it has a bit of technical information about planes and such that makes it have appeal to males as well as females since it's a female-centric book.

Original post below:

I really enjoy historical fiction.  Not only do I get to read a great story but I get to learn in the process.  I also love books with strong female protagonists.  This book truly delivered on both counts.  Told from the viewpoints of two different girls during WWII this book has action, intrigue, female bonding and so much more.
Some of the things I loved about this book:
TONS of literary and historical allusions.  This book is for smart people!
A new take on WWII.  I've read lots of books focusing on the plight of the Jewish population- which of course is very important, but this takes a different angle.
A Complete Guide to Vocabulary Comprehension and PlotYoung women in positions of importance.  This is definitely a book that proves can be/do anything.  Even pilot planes during war time!
I truly think this would be a great book to use in the classroom.  Check out this novel guide on Teachers Pay Teachers that I created. It helps students with the vocabulary, allusions, and general comprehension.
The Lowdown: (via Scholastic)
Interest Level: Grade 10
Reading Level: Grade 6  (While this may be technically true, the dual narrator, and the allusions, along with some of the content make this book appropriate for high school. I would not teach this below high school due to content.
Michael L. Printz Honor Book
Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Young Adult Novel
Golden Kite Honor
There is somewhat of a sequel available too which I have yet to read.

Have you read the book? What do you think? Do you use it in your classroom?
Thanks for reading! 

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