Friday, July 14, 2017

5 Must Have Teacher Supplies

Hi, my name is Ms. F and I'm addicted to school and office supplies! I love them all. However, there are several things that I consider "Must Haves" for my classroom/office.

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1. Flair pens! Grading is just a little less tedious when I use these pens. I also like to use different colors next to each other in my gradebook to help visually separate things out. I love this big pack because it has so many different colors.

2. Post it notes. I like all the different sizes and use them for many many different things. I often use the different colors to help me color code things and keep myself organized! I even get the gigantic 12inch by 12inch ones sometimes! 
3. A journal to use as my planner. While I love pre-made planners I really enjoy creating my own. I love being able to customize it even on a daily or weekly basis. My life has been greatly changed by becoming a bullet journal addict! Watch for an upcoming post about it.

4. Binder Clips! This seems so simple but they really are a life saver. When I taught middle school at the end of each class I'd grab the papers from the turn in bin and stick a binder clip on them. It really helped me stay organized. I also used them to keep my copies together when I would make all of my copies for the week right at the beginning.

5. Binders are the last piece of my arsenal. I like having paper copies of units I'm working with. That way if my computer is down- not that that ever happens- I can easily make copies etc. Here's a great bundle price! 

What are your favorite school supplies? What do you use to stay organized throughout the year? Let me know in the comments! 

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