All About Ms. F

Hi Welcome to my blog and website!

So who am I?  Why should you stay and read my blog?

I am a teacher and a learner.  I am creative and adaptable.  I am fun yet demanding.  I love technology.

Ms. F's Teaching Adventures is a way for me to keep track of some of my adventures and or misadventures while teaching. I am a certified ELA teacher for grades 7-12 so that is my primary focus.  However, I like to post about everything I know or learn or experience.

As for my background:

I have a ton of experience with low income and or at-risk students and or students with emotional disabilities.  I've taught for 3 years in various alternative education settings as well as one full year in a more traditional setting.  I've taught gifted students as well as students (many) on IEPs.  I have taught from grade 6 through 12 and adults of all ages!  I've taught reading via the Wilson Reading Program, grammar, writing, and literature.

I have my MA in English and am now currently teaching writing at the college level while substituting during the day.  I've become a favored sub in the English department at the local high school and still get to teach literature that way!

Because of my wide range of teaching experiences my blog is varied.  However, please stick around and look because I've found almost everything can be adapted and problems I see in middle school students I sometimes still see with my college students.  We can all learn from each other.

So glad you stopped by!

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